CIF will start covering users’ losses after 1000 active members are reached.
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ensuring the safety of traders and administrators across the defi space
CIF is a fund created to reimburse member losses from scams and hedge the inherent risk in speculative trading. This allows traders to have a higher risk tolerance without fear of loss.
Through our fund if a token is proven unsellable through one of our partner channels a refund will be issued up to the fund limit.
Our coverage database will allow enrolled traders to trade with confidence across verified channels and file claims quickly and effectively.
Benefits to Traders
  • Traders are able to mitigate the risk associated with trading on new channels and working with unproven developers.

  • In the case of a total loss the trader is able to recoup the funds up to the fund limit.
Coverage options:
0.05 BNB contributed to the CIF allows up to 0.2 BNB refund
*per 1 week or 50 trades from approved channels (1 wallet)
0.2 BNB contributed to the CIF allows up to 0.8 BNB refund
*per 1 month or 200 trades from approved channels (1 wallet)
Payment 0.05 BNB
*Once a user reaches week 4, their coverage remains at 4x as long as all payments are current and the plan has not ended due to scam calls
Payment 0.05 BNB
Payment 0.05 BNB
Payment 0.05 BNB
Max coverage 0.05 BNB
Max coverage 0.1 BNB
Max coverage 0.15 BNB
Max coverage 0.2 BNB
For a trader to be eligible for a 4x reimbursement, they will have to maintain an active account status during all previous weeks. In the case that a trader receives a payout due to a scam call, their plan will end as soon as the maximum payout they qualify for is paid to them. If their plan ends due to the maximum payout being reached they much make another payment and start from the 1st week (meaning 1x maximum reimbursement).
Coverage rules:
Benefits to Callers
  • By contributing to the fund channel administrators ensure themselves against being financially responsible for member losses, ensuring the safety of their community.

  • The CIF badge will tell prospective members they are trading in a safe place

  • In the event an asset is made unsellable the administrator saves valuable time, social and fiscal capital by allowing refunds to be handled by CIF

  • We will share a list of members who have requested refunds with the caller to avoid the scenario of duplicate refunds from CIF and the caller (in the case that the trader is not a member of CIF and reaches out to the caller for a refund, or the other scenario could be that the member trader reaches out to a caller as if they are not a member - there the caller will share the wallet addresses requesting refunds with CIF to confirm membership status and eligibility for a refund

  • This allows the industry, in time, to move towards a safer trading atmosphere more welcoming to new sources of revenue
0.5 BNB per 500 views per caller channel per month
*i.e. if a caller has a telegram channel and a twitter channel for calls these are considered two separate channels
Cost to Callers
Increased confidence adds to increased investment benefiting administrators, traders, developers, and the project as a whole
Increased security allows for less wasted social and fiscal capitol. While we always advocate doing your own research removing the risk an asset will become unsellable benefits both administrators and investors
As a community the CIF fund will work to increase the confidence in Defi as a whole. An unrepresented part of the crypto space is on chain trading. Due to the very risk the CIF aims to prevent
Anti fraud
A little known aspect of being a channel administrator is becoming a target for fraud. Untrustworthy members will attempt to receive multiple refunds and extort extra funds from the responsible party
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